Ultimate Manifestation

A Global Healing Group

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Based on the concepts of Dr. Donald Hoffman’s science of consciousness, Dr. Lynne McTaggart's The Power of Eight, and Kryssa Marie Bowman’s Light Warrior Training.  

This group exists to support each other, help raise our collective consciousness,  exponentially increase our powers of intuition, manifest our best lives so that we may help others do the same and in the grandest scheme, help us all come into alignment with our highest good.

This group has also become the MOST supportive, compassionate, empowering and loving online environment many of us have ever experienced.

Come join your tribe!

Every Monday

This global healing group meets via Zoom to collectively send distant healing to each other and nominated recipients at:

Monday’s at 2pm and 8pm Eastern Time, hosted by Kryssa Marie Bowman or Renn Wohr.

Renn also hosts additional calls on Fridays an as needed basis. 

We will communicate and coordinate within the associated private Facebook Group, which is where you can nominate recipients and where I will also be posting the names of each week's intended recipients as well as the Zoom links for each of our weekly live calls.

Upon subscribing, you will be taken to a page with the URL of the corresponding Facebook group. Simply click on that link, join the group and you'll have all of the information!