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Quantum Journeys Hypnosis Educator, Published Author & Speaker

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For anyone interested in quantum healing...I just wanted to share that I had one today for the first time with Kryssa Marie Bowman . It was amazing! Not like any hypnotherapy I have had in the past. It was a very deep, healing, and wild experience. I highly recommend it if you are curious or looking for deep spiritual healing. Thanks Kryssa for the beautiful session."

Dana Rogge





Let me help you with:
  • Past Trauma Trapped In the Body
  • Guilt and Shame
  • Grieving
  • Chronic Pain
  • Allergies and Sensitivities
  • Narcissistic Abuse
  • Addictive behaviors¬†
  • Low Self-Worth/Self-Love¬†¬†
  • Intrusive Negative Self-Talk
  • You may find yourself spontaneously exploring other lifetimes, communicating with multidimensional aspects of your consciousness, meeting unseen guides and helpers, etc. If such experiences don‚Äôt fit with your personal belief system or religion please be sure to tell me so I can help you avoid them.¬†


 I can help you with overcoming:

 As well as support your ability to:

  • Observe, Not Absorb
  • Turn Up Intuition/ Turn Down Anxiety
  • The most highly effective method of releasing blocks so that prosperity and abundance increase and flow into your life is by communicating directly with the energy of wealth. In order to do this we must first eliminate unnecessary self-limiting beliefs. Be sure to ask me about ‚ÄúThe Money Table‚ÄĚ protocol.¬†

Quantum Journeys Hypnosis‚ĄĘ ¬†is the culmination of several decades of studying the human mind and consciousness from several different perspectives.¬†

I experienced my first Near Death Experience in 1988 and later used hypnosis to heal the lifelong bleeding disorder that caused that NDA.

My academic background is in Applied Psychology and I spent my early childhood surrounded by a distinctly New Age community.

As a kid my natural intuitive abilities were supported and celebrated, and it wasn't uncommon to find me in communion with nature spirits.  

I have integrated several past life experiences, acquired multiple tools and learned to craft the timeline of my highest good all using Quantum Journeys Hypnosis‚ĄĘ.¬†

 I am also a survivor of narcissistic abuse- having been cast in the "scapegoat role" (if you know, you know), and subsequently struggled with anxiety,  disordered eating, body image issues and have learned to establish healthy boundaries within relationships. 

Hypnotherapy changed my life...and it can change yours, too! 

I had a session with Kryssa earlier this year. As a Practitioner myself I am very discerning about to whom I entrust my subconscious mind.

I was experiencing a difficult patch in my life and was being triggered in ways that I knew had something to do with something much deeper, something that despite doing work on myself, I couldn’t unearth.

I completely surrendered myself into Kryssa’s capable hands and she held a beautiful safe space for me over Zoom allowing me to go very deep very quickly.

In past sessions I had only ever gone back to scenes that I had conscious memory of but with Kryssa I went back to the womb! It was one of the most intense, beautiful, releasing experiences of my life that gave me freedom and understanding.  So many unanswered questions that I had been grappling with my whole life were answered and put to rest within me.

The freedom from the issue I came with was immediate and permanent.

Kryssa naturally has wonderful intuition and compassion but she is also extremely skilled at her craft. This gave me full confidence in her allowing me to really surrender to the amazing process.

I am so grateful to Kryssa and I highly recommend her."
~Natalie Ryan Hebert 


  • My focus is to help you heal in the shortest amount of time possible. I am not a "talk therapist", I am a hypnotherapist. ¬†This means we will be making changes at the source which tends to occur much faster than hours upon hours of talking about your issues (which can often make them feel bigger).

  • I will help you achieve this by providing a safe space, listening to your concerns, and bringing my entire toolbox to work on your behalf to help you achieve lasting, permanent, positive changes in your life.

  • I only schedule sessions with clients I feel are the right fit and are truly ready to make changes in their lives. ¬†Any positive outcome from any sort of therapy is a joint effort. YOU are your greatest healer!

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