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I offer transformative methods of hypnotherapy that provide lasting freedom from a myriad of issues, whether emotional, psychological or physical. I combine elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy and Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis into my counseling practice. 

My education and background are in Applied Psychology, but I found traditional talk based therapies limiting, expensive and too much of a time investment for most people. When I discovered how phenomenally effective and quick success is with RTT, I knew I wanted to offer this to my clients. Patients generally see relief from symptoms within 1 to 6 sessions.


I offer session online as well as in my office, located in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. 


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For those of you on a more inclusive healing journey, I offer the option of a 3 month hypno-coaching program.  Hypno-coaching combines Transformational Therapy sessions along with Neo-Ericksonian and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Sessions spaced 2 weeks apart for maximum efficacy with regular email and phone support provided throughout.


Transformational Hypnotherapy is a phenomenal tool that helps you discover the root cause, source and origin of whatever issue(s) you're working on.  Once discovered, we can work on releasing/removing any blocks and limitations that are a result of them.


Neo-Ericksonian hypnosis is all about installing new resources and tools for moving forward and navigating a future for your highest potential. 


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy provides simple, day-to-day activities that help to retrain your thinking and behavior and brings your conscious mind into alignment with all of the amazing changes we're making in your subconscious mind.


This trio is the most powerful method I've ever encountered if you really want to release anything blocking you from your past, install all new, positive resources, rewire your habits of thought and action and live up to your absolute highest potential!


Hypno-coaching isn't for everyone as it absolutely requires a strong commitment on the part of the client.  If we agree this is the best approach for you, you will not just be the recipient of healing, you will be an active participant.  We will work together, and quite closely, on transforming your life from the inside out.


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Identify and release the self-limiting beliefs that have kept you from achieving and maintaining your ideal weight!


Permanently eliminate the unhealthy food cravings!


Rebalance your metabolism and convince it to behave like a child again!


Install healthy new beliefs, increase your self-confidence and reinstall love for yourself and your body!

The result is the most POWERFUL weight management transformation I've ever encountered! Why? Because it leaves no stone unturned. No more opportunities for self-sabotage.

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I can help you with overcoming:

Blocks to Abundance

Fear of Failure and/or Success,


Imposter Syndrome


And help you recover from:

Narcissistic Abuse

Past Trauma

Anxiety and Depression

Guilt and Shame

Low Self-Worth/Self-Love

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Most disordered eating issues require an average of 3 sessions, sometimes more for some people. In the case of Diana (in this video testimonial) she had already done much healing work on herself in other ways, and so only required two sessions to overcome bulimia…though her prior healing work was not about eating disorders, it nonetheless helped her accept the transformation more rapidly.

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Iā€™m a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. A premier association for wellness practitioners