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He was only a year old, sitting on grandma’s lap at the family dinner table Aug 25, 2020

It was a large, Italian family, with lots of talking and eating and reaching across each other, and this little boy realized he was hungry.  He hadn’t been eating solid foods for long but the scene before him—and “especially the fried chicken”—he recalled under...

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The REAL Reason We Choose Partners That Are Just Like Our Parents Aug 17, 2020

At some point or another, you’ve met someone that just seemed so familiar, as if you’d known them all your life.  You feel your love for each other must be destined, written in the stars and you’re giddy with all of the commonalities and seemingly magical connections and...

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One question I get asked all the time is "Will I even be able to go into hypnosis?"

My current response to this is "YES!".  
My previous response used to me "Maybe, let's test your suggestibility", and then I would set about a series of tests to *see* if the client was able to go into a hypnotic trance.
Since then, I've learned a few things that changed that Maybe into a definite YES!
The first thing is, do you suffer from anxiety?  If so, is it anxiety about the past or the future?  As in, do you ruminate over your past or catastrophize about your future?
If you answer yes to either or both, then you're not only capable of hypnotic trance, you're already in one! 
The past is a memory, the future is unknown, meaning that neither are actually happening to you right now in this very moment, yet you have the ability to feel them as if they are real. This requires the suspension of your present reality, does it not?
The second thing I ask is if you're able to imagine or pretend.  
If you play video games, watch movies or tv, read books or find yourself drawn into the news, or even spend time daydreaming whether that's through meditation or just out walking your dog (or yourself), then the answer is yes.  You're fully capable of imagining and pretending.
The third question I ask is "Do you ever just check out?", as in do you ever go through a task without being fully present?  Like driving from point A to B, arriving at B but not fully remembering how you got there?  Or, while working do you go through the motions without really paying attention but somehow manage to do everything required?  Or while dancing, painting, writing, sculpting, acting on stage, etc you just get into a *zone* and later you're not sure how?   If so, that is YOU in an hypnotic trance.   
Trance is a very normal, casual, easy and effortless thing for the human brain to access.  We do it all the time.
Knowing that, are you ready for something truly mindblowing?
Hypnosis in and of itself DOES NOT require any sort of formal trance state.  WHAT?!?!?!?  Yep.  It's true. Certain methods of hypnosis are better suited to trance states, but it's not required.  The ability to suspend your beliefs, even for a bit, is all that's required.  And the happens all the time, doesn't it?  Don't believe me?
Look at people who order things from the home shopping channel, or those who have become entrenched in conspiracy theories, or people that believe they can't be happy unless they look a certain way or have a certain amount of money or live in a certain type of house or have whatever it is they've been hypnotized to believe.  
A HUGE part of my work is based on helping people come out of their current accidental forms of hypnosis in order to help them move into a state of free will.  Free will being the definition of choice.
When our consciousness is being run by programming from all these other places and sources, we're not really operating from a system of free will.  The good news is that we can always upgrade that operating system.  The better news is that by doing this, you're not giving up your will, but taking it back.  That's what hypnotherapy can do.  
So, for those that think they can't go into hypnosis because they're afraid of giving up control, it's exactly the opposite. And honestly, if you had that much control over yourself, your behaviors and your will, you'd already be more than capable of willing yourself into or out of anything that isn't serving you or helping you live your best life.  
Hypnosis isn't about giving up control; it's all about taking it back.