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The ONLY Hypnosis Academy that combines neuroscience, energetic frequencies, quantum healing, psychology and expanded states of awareness.

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Learn the art of hypnotherapy and gain hands-on experience through practice sessions with fellow students.

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The Most Unique and Effective Form of Hypnotherapy

QJH stands alone in its approach of working with clients at the level of multidimensional consciousness (subconscious mind, physical body, highest consciousness, etc.) for phenomenal results. 

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Confidence + Two Certifications 

Students will gain lots of 1:1 practice as part of the curriculum, learning the skills and gaining confidence while experiencing the benefits of QJH for themselves. Graduate with dual certification in both QJH and IHA (International Hypnosis Association). That's two diplomas for graduating one course. 

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Three different lifetime enrollment options for virtual classes to learn at your own pace.

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The Primary Methods of Quantum Journeys Hypnosis™ Academy


QJH can be used to address a wide range of issues, including fears, phobias, chronic pain, weight management, and lack of motivation, self-esteem and self-worth issues and so much more!

We use a variety of tools, including Resource States Transformation, Past Life Regression, Quantum Jumping, meeting Spirit Guides, Spirit Releasement Therapy, working with your clients Inner Healer, and visiting the Akashic Records.

Past Life Regression

This is a technique that allows you to access memories of past lives. This can be helpful for understanding the root cause of current issues, such as phobias or anxiety.

Quantum Jumping

This is a technique that allows you to create a new reality for yourself. This can be helpful for achieving goals, such as weight loss or career success.

Meeting Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are non-physical beings who can help you on your spiritual journey. They can provide guidance, support, and healing.

Working with your Inner Healer

Your inner healer is the part of you that knows how to heal yourself. It can be helpful to connect with your inner healer for all types of physical healing needs.

Visiting the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a library of information that contains all of your past lives, your soul's journey, and your karmic contracts. Visiting the Akashic Records can be helpful for gaining insight into your current life.

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Personalized Learning and Real-World Experience

At Quantum Journeys Hypnosis Academy, students not only learn through lectures and practice sessions with other students, but also have the opportunity to receive personalized hypnotherapy sessions tailored to their individual needs for a comprehensive and effective learning experience for each student.

We believe in the power of experiential learning. Our students will have the opportunity to practice their skills with real clients and receive valuable feedback from their peers and instructors. This practical approach sets our academy apart and prepares our students for their Hypnosis journey.

*Enrolled students also have the opportunity to join us for annual LIVE training, which is a hybrid of In-Person and Online for an additional fee. 

What QJH Academy Graduates are Saying

"This has changed how I connect with my clients. I am in awe of the healing capacity we all have within us!"

-Patty LeRoy

"Kryssa, thank you for your classes and training! I recommend your training to everyone who is interested in quantum experiences and healing. So fascinating and so deeply beneficial for the clients! And I love the way you teach it."

-Ursula Goadhouse

"This is an amazing tool. I highly recommend learning this protocol to take your clients to amazing results!"

-Ruthie Ann Yielding


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A Brief History of Quantum Journeys Hypnosis™


Founder of Quantum Journeys Hypnosis™, Kryssa Marie Bowman, began her career as a professional hypnotist utilizing her academic background in Applied Psychology.

She was fascinated with by the neuroplasticity of the human brain and how we can both damage and repair how our minds work purely by accessing the neural pathways involved at the level of belief and thought. 

Over time, her sessions began taking on a different quality and her clients began spontaneously experiencing past life regression memories, visiting the Akashic records, meeting Spirit Guides and other phenomena.  

In an effort to be as respectful and responsible as possible, since she didn't seem to be able to stop these unexpected occurrences, Kryssa set out to learn as much as she could about these metaphysical happenings.  

She had spent her early childhood surrounded by people that talked of such things, and Kryssa herself had some rather unusual metaphysical experiences of her own growing up, but she hadn't intended on bringing those elements into her career as a hypnotic hypnotic change worker.

Soon however, she began experiencing more unexpected phenomena while in a trance state (daily mediation and self-hypnosis). She discovered that she'd had past lives of her own where she did this same sort of work. "Why reinvent the wheel when I can pick up where I left off?" she wondered. And soon she began receiving direct downloads on how to proceed doing exactly that. 

These conversations with her higher consciousness, along with the metaphysical experiences occurring in her sessions, along with her academic background in psychology and of course the traditional hypnotic methods she’d acquired, are at the very foundation of QJHA.

This course is very dynamic and continues to evolve and get better as Kryssa and the QJHA students and grads evolve within their practices and continue to get better and better.  Kryssa is a very hands on instructor and also offers live in person and online training once per year, every spring in addition to this online recorded course. 

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